Friday, May 04, 2007

Pirates 4 Brewers 2

Well, that was an unexpected and highly gratifying win. In similar fashion to the Monday win against the Cubs, the Pirates dug themselves a hole early and then managed to actually get themselves out of it, this time with the ultra-rare four-run inning lead by Jose Bautista and Ronny Paulino's homers.

The nice thing about scoring the four runs in the seventh was that in enabled us to win a game that we had played well enough to win otherwise. Tom Gorzelanny gutted his way through seven innings, only giving up two runs on six hits. He wasn't perfect though, and the Brewers ran themselves out of two runs last night. In the third inning when they tried the Little League "You steal first, I steal third" double steal for the second time in two nights. This time it failed as Freddy Sanchez cut Ronny Paulino's throw to second off early and nailed JJ Hardy at the plate. In the fourth, Bill Hall was sent from third on a bouncer to Jack Wilson at short. Wilson lasered Hall down at the plate, and the 1-0 deficit was preserved. Any time a team takes two runs off their own total, you've gotta take advantage of that. Surprisingly, the Pirates actually did last night.