Thursday, May 17, 2007

Game 40: Pirates 7 Marlins 2

So.... Tracy went with Armas tonight, only to ditch him after three innings before anything disastrous happened. Meaning that he might as well have not even started him in the first place. And BP Chacon went a pretty solid five innings in relief, only allowing two hits and a walk meaning that the Pirates did manage to get the split with the Marlins tonight.

What I got perverse enjoyment out of tonight was watching Ronny Paulino drive in three runs batting behind Jason Bay and Ryan Doumit, the two best hitters on the team right now that also happened to be occupying the 5 and 6 slots of the order. Not that Bay or Doumit did anything particularly great tonight... it was just stupid, that's all.

More fun came from watching (well, not watching because for some reason this game wasn't on TV) the Pirates turn some Marlin mistakes into three unearned runs. It's always nice when the opponent plays down to our level and we actually do something about it. It's not like it happens all that often, but it's nice when it does.