Sunday, May 13, 2007

Game 35: Braves 9 Pirates 2

If you figure that the Pirates lose (on average) 10-12 games per year more than the average baseball team and they've been doing it for almost fifteen seasons now, that's around a full season of losses more than an average team since 1993. Depressing, I know, but that's not my point. My point is that it's probably a minor miracle that the Pirates have never been no hit during this losing streak. It's going to happen this year, people. It has to. I mean, come on. Chuck James took one 6 and 1/3 last night. From Dejan's write-up in the PG:

The Pittsburgh Baseball Club has been in business for 121 years now, and it has known boppers from Honus Wagner to Ralph Kiner to Willie Stargell, as well as some lengthy dry spells.

But it might never have seen an edition as offensively inept as the one that was nearly no-hit by someone named Chuck James in a 9-2 pummeling by the Atlanta Braves last night.

That's about right. No offense to Chuck James or anything, but given the recent history this all goes on the Pirates.

Also: Tony Armas Jr. sucks. A lot. It's time to see some John Van Benschoten up in here.