Friday, April 13, 2007

WayBack Wasdin is enthusiastic about sucking

I don't even know what half the stuff in this article means. Look at this paragraph used by Rob Biertempfel to describe John Wasdin's, er, umm, resurgence with the Pirates this year.

Wasdin's right arm isn't tensed-up anymore, so he generates more arm speed. His wrist isn't tight, so the ball has more late movement.
More late movement. As in, after the ball rockets off the bat? And why do we take time to talk about Wasdin's stellar Grapefruit League numbers when THOSE GAMES DON'T COUNT.

Where have you gone, Josh Sharpless is more like it. John Grabow is starting his rehab, but I dunno if he'll replace Wasdin or Juan Perez on the big league roster. Either one is fine with me, really.

Thanks to Gavin for the heads up in the comments and the title of this post.