Sunday, April 01, 2007

The roster is set

There's not much surprise in the Opening Day roster beyond what we talked about earlier other than Freddy Sanchez being placed on the disabled list, which we probably should've seen coming from the comment that Don Kelly was assured a spot on the team.

So to break it down, I think Cota and Kelly are wastes of roster spots, though I suppose there's not a whole ton of difference between Kelly and Jose K and Kelly is probably a better fielder. I'm happy to see Eldred on the team and I'm interested in seeing how much of an effort will be made to get both he and Ryan Doumit into the lineup. Wasdin is a waste in the pen, but if we're going to have a 12 man pen it's probably best he's the 12th man and guys like Sharpless and Chavez can pitch in Indianapolis for a little while. Am I rationalizing what I truly believe are bad roster choices? Yes. But at least I think the rationalizations make some sense.