Thursday, April 26, 2007

Playing again already?

Tony Armas Jr. and Wandy Rodriguez take the mound at 12:35 today and their goal is probably to go six innings no matter how many runs they give up after last night's marathon game. Given that it's Armas and Wandy, that seems unlikely. Then again, given that it's the Pirates and Astros offense, nothing seems impossible. This one's not on TV (I'm sure of it this time), so fire up your radios and feel free to use the thread here to discuss. I'm not looking for 120+ comments again, but who knows. These two teams seem to have an affinity for playing extra long baseball games.

UPDATE: For those curious, Cota's been placed on the DL and Doumit's up to replace him. I can't find that news anywhere other than in the PG's live game blog. Armas has only given up one run so far through four. I consider that a minor victory.