Friday, April 20, 2007

The Orange and Maroon Effect

I got an e-mail from the administration here at Duquesne yesterday as well as an e-mail from my higher-ups at the Fanhouse. Both said the essentially same thing and both explain the look for WHYGAVS today:

Virginia Tech and its alumni have officially proclaimed tomorrow, Friday, April 20 "Orange and Maroon Effect" Day. Everyone is invited to be a part of the Virginia Tech Family and wear orange and maroon to support the families of those who were lost, the community, and the school.
It doesn't matter where you went to school, today we're all Hokies. If you're a Duke or a Panther or Nittany Lion or a Mountaineer, forget that for a day. You're a Hokie today. Put on a maroon cap. Wear an orange tie. Wear maroon boxers with orange stripes. If you can't do anything else, put up a maroon and orange away message. Whether you know someone at Virginia Tech or know someone who knows someone there, take a second out of your day to pray or to reflect or to do whatever seems appropriate to honor those whose lives were terribly affected by this tragedy, because the truth is that a nightmare like this affects everyone on one level or another.

Again, thoughts and prayers go out to the Virginia Tech family.