Monday, April 30, 2007

My head just exploded

From Dejan's chat at the PG site today:

STricky_Kidean: Why is Don Kelly still on this team?

Dejan Kovacevic: I get the idea that the Pirates would like to groom a utilityman from within, and they feel that Kelly could be that guy for a long time. What might be the better question is why he is taking so many significant at-bats. You look at his ABs and place them against, Nate McLouth's, and they seem a little too close for comfort.

Holy freaking crap, this is insane. Why the hell are the Pirates worried about grooming a utilityman from within? Because of the severe Jose K blogger fallout last year? Utilityman is the one position that it's probably best to grab some old guy for $800K in March and toss at-bats too. We're grooming utilitymen now? I don't know what to say.