Saturday, April 07, 2007

I am going to claw my eyes out

So... file this one under the "logic" department: Freddy Sanchez is rejoining the Pirates for tomorrow's game and Ryan Doumit (yes, Ryan Doumit) is being optioned to AAA Indianapolis. Let's walk through this one step by step.

  • Sanchez's knee hurt too badly to start the season with the Pirates, so they sent him to AAA Indy for some rehab work.
  • Indy had two games snowed/colded after their opener. Everyone saw this coming.
  • It's hard to rehab a knee in cold weather as opposed to, say, keeping Sanchez in Florida for the week.
  • It's freaking freezing in Cincinnati.
  • The Pirates have decided that from the whopping sample size of 15 plate appearences, they MUST have Freddy Sanchez in the lineup against Eric Milton tomorrow, despite the fact that Sanchez has done very little rehab on his knee and that it's going to be freaking freezing again in Cincy tomorrow.
  • We sent Ryan Doumit down. This team has two sources of left-handed power. Ryan Doumit was one of them. We're now carrying two utility infielders, a backup outfielder, a DH, and Humberto Cota (assuming Bautista stays the starter over Castillo, which is the only thing that makes sense give the first week of games). Of these five players, Don Kelly and Nate McLouth are left-handed. Am I crazy or does that not make sense? Don Kelly is going to be getting plenty more at-bats with the game on the line if the team remains configured in this manner for long.
Ugh. I don't know what to say.