Friday, April 06, 2007

Maholm's debut... maybe

The Pirates and Reds are scheduled to play tonight at Great American Ballpark but the weather doesn't look so good. If this one does go down it'll be Paul Maholm and Matt Belisle on the mound and it'll be cold. Real cold. That means short outings by starters and difficulty hitting the ball because hitting will hurt like hell tonight. I am interested in watching Maholm pitch because of how underwraps the Bucs kept him this spring. He looked good in the few outings he did made, so I'm certainly interested to see what happens tonight. I won't be around much tonight, but as usual feel free to keep talking about this one in the thread below.

As a sidenote, I rigged up a feed to my Fanhouse posts over on the right so that the five move recent will show up and added a button to link over there from here, which I think is a little more effective than the text links I had before.