Saturday, April 21, 2007

Game 15: Dodgers 10 Pirates 2

You may need to be familiar with the geography on Pittsburgh's South Side to understand this, but by the time I left a friend's house on 12th street, walked to 15th street where my ride had parked, drove back to Duquesne, and got into my apartment building, Tony Armas Jr. had turned a 2-1 game into an 8-1 game and I decided I had better things to do than watch the spectacle. Armas got shelled on 100 days rest and let's just say that I'd rather see just about anyone in that five slot right now, BP Chacon included. I don't have much else on that subject.

I hate bitching about strikeouts because it's how stupid teams justify poor treatment of useful players (see: Adam Dunn in Cincy, Craig Wilson in Pittsburgh, etc.). What the Pirates are currently doing is different. No one on this team can draw a walk. On this three game losing streak we've struck out 36 times and walked 7. And this is against Claudio Vargas, Jeff Suppan and a host of Brewer relievers, and Randy Wolf. I think "unacceptable" is probably a good word.