Tuesday, April 03, 2007

First win celebratory links

The Pirates players really, really liked winning last night.

One of my favorite things about Dejan's work at the PG: when he leaves Jim Tracy like 100 doors open to get out of his stupid statements in the past, and Tracy just slams them all shut. From today's notebook:

Bay took Sanchez's No. 3 spot in the order, but it might not last long.

Pirates manager Jim Tracy, asked if Bay was bumped up from his designated No. 5 spot because of his perennially high on-base percentage, replied that the move was made because of Bay's strong history against Oswalt and Houston closer Brad Lidge.

Asked if Paulino, who batted third late in spring training, could be there again, Tracy said, "He could bat higher than fifth, yes."

If Tracy bats Bay fifth and Paulino third today, you'll probably just want to stay away from all the bile that will be spilled on this blog.

Like I mentioned yesterday, along with my liveblog and the lively gamethread here, Cory and Charlie both liveblogged the game last night, and the Honest Wagner boys rolled up a huge comments thread on their opener gamethread. But Pittsburgh could never be a baseball town.

Oh, and the guys from The Dugout did a great post about last night's game at the Fanhouse.

Let's enjoy last night's win while we can, guys.