Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Done deal?

Dejan is reporting that the Pirates and Braves have finally almost completed the LaRoche trade, with the second player from the Bucs currently unknown. There aren't many players out there who could make this into a bad move for the Bucs, but as of right now (5:45) Gonzo is still on the banner at I unfortunately have to go sit in a room and listen to someone drone on about the history of science for the next three hours, but hopefully we'll know more by the time I come back.

UPDATE (8:01 PM)- Gonzo is still on the banner (apparently the Pirates have discovered our secret!), but there's an article on the main site so this thing is done. Charlie has been all over this thing from the start and he's got a bunch of updates, but it apparently boils down to Mike Gonzalez and Brent Lillibridge for LaRoche and minor league outfielder Jamie Romak. It's kind of a bummer to give up Lillibridge but I'm not really going to complain; middle infielders and relievers are what this organization has in excess and if he's what it took to get this deal done than I'm all for it. Charlie's got a bunch of info on Romak in the post linked above. He appears to be a minor-league outfielder that mashes lefties. He played in the Sally League last year (the same level as Lillibridge) and is two years younger than Brent. He put up a .247/.369/.471 line there last year, which is exciting from the perspective that the guy apparently knows how to draw a walk. He didn't make Sickels' Top 20 Braves prospects, but he is in the "others" section and just because he's not in the Braves top 20 doesn't mean he won't help our system. I'm in shock that I'm saying this, but it looks like Littlefield may have actually played this one right.