Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Playing catch up

I'm two games back on the recaps now, so let's even things up:

Rockies 5 Pirates 4
After the Bucs took a three-nothing lead on homers from Jason Bay and Jose Hernandez (not a typo) the Rockies charged back with with one in the fifth and three in the bottom of the sixth when Freddy Sanchez misplayed a Joe Francis bunt, then made an ill advised throw to first. The sequence of events cost the Bucs at least one and possible two runs. The Rockies added an important insurance run on a homer by freaking Jamie Carrol off of Sal "My career is over and my arm is dead, I can't believe the Pirates are paying me this much" Torres. The Bucs started to mount a charge in the ninth, with runners on first and second and one out, but Brian Fuentes whiffed Craig Wilson, leaving the Pirates hopes down to Jeromy Burntiz, Humberto Cota, and Yurendell DeCaster, in that order. Somehow the miserable bastards almost pulled the thing out, with Burnitz lining and RBI single and Cota hitting a blooper that Carrol just nabbed with a snow cone catch to end the game. It was a rather bad loss, as Maholm pitched well and a fielding mistake/lucky catch ended up costing us the game.

Rockies 16 Pirates 9
The bad loss yesterday of course set the stage for today. Thank God this thing wasn't on TV, one glance at the box score says things were real ugly. Ollie wasn't bad, he was awful. Vogelsong was awful in relief, we tried to mount a comeback, but Vogie, Capps, and Marte managed to keep that from happening. At least we didn't let Josh Fogg dominate us. This wasn't your typical Coors Field 16-9 game though, the only two homers were by Burntiz and Yorvit Torreabla (come on, Ollie. A grand slam to Yorvit Torreabla? Sheesh). No, this game was marred by flat out bad pitching from the Buccos staff as a whole and from the Fogg. Like I said, I didn't see it, but I bet it would've been 16-9 at PNC, too.

And all this after the Stats Geek said that the Bucs were about to try the novel approach of winning more than they lose over the rest of the season and Dejan's readers gave him a rose colored Q&A this week (with more Office Space... Craig Wilson=Milton Waddams... which means that Dave Littlefield = Bill Lumberg... BRILLIANT... seriously, I think there's a minor resemblance). But yeah, the last two games of this series were a very good method of throwing water on the fire. The Bucs are now losers of 4 of 6, same old, same old.