Friday, May 05, 2006


Wilbur Miller has an excellent column up at OnlyBucs indicting Dave Littlefield's performance during his reign of terror here in Pittsburgh. When discussing player's inherited by Littlefield, players acquired by Littlefield, and players lost by Littlefield, WTM can only draw this conclusion:

The point is that, if you take these players (lost by Littlefield), add them to the players whom Littlefield inherited who are currently on the team, and compare the result to the players Littlefield added to the team, the talent added by Littlefield compares very, very unfavorably to what he inherited from the much-despised Cam Bonifay. The unavoidable fact is that Littlefield has significantly REDUCED the organization's talent level.
I'd strongly recommend checking the whole thing out.

Also, Leeeny is back on a more regular basis, and she's been tracking just how we've been losing this year, which is a daunting task. It's interesting that in our 21 losses we've had the lead or a tie at some point (if even for a half inning) in 7 of them. Sometimes it does feel that even though we're playing terribly, we can't catch a break.