Thursday, May 04, 2006


According to, the latest hot rumor is that there is interest Ryan Doumit and Oliver Perez from the eastern part of the state (thanks to Tim for the tip). There's no word there on what we should expect in return for those two, but I'd imagine that DL's asking price would be awfully steep, if this is indeed true (as always, big ifs surrounding this one). And it's true, management has apparently indicated that they won't carry three catchers for long. Still, I'm not quite sure if I see this happening yet for a number of reasons. First off, if Doumit was the losing catcher in the three horse race, I'd think we'd be angling to get him some playing time and show him off a bit. There's clearly no movement towards that happening. Second, I find it hard to believe that Tracy and Colborn are ready to give up on Oliver Perez yet. It's possible they know something about him that we don't, but we're still only a month into the year. Third, sheesh, that's a ton of talent to just package off in one trade. A Perez trade is tricky territory, if the team seriously thinks he's done they might want to ship him off now while he's still got value (another year like last year will render him just about worthless I'd think). But if there's any hope at all of him regaining form, you've got to keep him around for now (I doubt teams are offering Hank Blalock for him at this point). And that's not even considering Doumit. Wouldn't it just be easier to package off Cota for a B or C level prospect and just be done with it for now? I'm just not so sure I see us accomplishing anything by shipping Doumit and Perez off right now (though admittedly, I'm curious to see what the Phillies are hypothetically offering).