Friday, May 05, 2006

Reasons to watch the Bucs and Nats

The Bucs are 2-15 on the road, the Nationals are 1-9 at home. If you were to combine the Pirates 8 wins with the Nationals 9, they'd still have less than (breath), the Reds, the Astros, the Mets, the Rangers, the White Sox, and the Tigers. So why watch? I mean, we're probably in for some pretty crappy baseball this weekend. Here's some motivation:

  • The Nats signed the D-Train. You know you miss the D-Train.
  • Speaking of the D-Train, you're morbidly curious to check out a team that would actually keep Daryle Ward on its 25 man roster over Ryan Church. Perhaps Dave Littlefield has actually found someone on his intellectual level in Jim Bowden.
  • There's always a chance that Frank Robinson will do something inappropriate and hilarious, like stare down an umpire for an entire inning break.
  • You're curious if Jose Guillen is still crazy. The answer is yes, yes he is.
  • You your curious which Pirate will get screwed out of playing time between Doumit, Craig Wilson, and Freddy Sanchez on a nightly basis now. This thing is going to turn into a soap opera once Randa and Casey get healthy.
  • The Washington Nationals, one team, two men named Marlon, no discernible talent between either of them.
  • (Tonight's game only) Oliver Perez, 1-4, 7.53 ERA, 2.16 WHIP. Zach Day, 1-3, 9.82 ERA, 2.24 WHIP. Pirates, 113 runs scored (15th in the NL). Nationals, 123 runs scored (12th in the NL). RFK Stadium, huge ballpark that doesn't like giving up runs. Something's going to give folks.