Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pirates 3 D'Backs 0

In the past week I've noticed a trend. Whenever we don't let the other team score any runs, they can't possibly beat us. Note to Jim Colborn: fill the pitching staff in on the new game plan.

All kidding aside, that was a great game tonight. Ian Snell is very quickly becoming the man with his fourth straight good start, tonight against a hot lineup featuring 7 switch hitters or lefties (who were batting over .400 against him before tonight). In his 7 innings tonight he allowed only 5 hits and 1 walk (which was good to see after he gave up a bunch of walks to the Mets), mixing 5 Ks in, a good number against the heavily lefty lineup. Not much else to say about him, Colborn has definitely done his job in the Ian Snell department, even if Tracy and DL were dangerously close to pulling the plug. He was also helped out considerably by the defense as McLouth made a couple nice plays in the gap holding runners to singles and Freddy flashed some leather at short, looking very Jack-like. Burnitz made a nice running catch also, but I'm fairly sure that it was a routine play for someone quicker than a tortoise. Still, kudos to him for not screwing up a good thing, I suppose.

The offense was also helped out by a particular catcher who must've heard rumblings about how he's a singles hitter and a glorified version of Humberto Cota, as Paulino ripped his first major league homer and missed his second by maybe two inches (not an exaggeration). Ryan Doumit also ripped a pinch hit RBI double and gimped into second on his sore hammy. This is why both of these guys need to be in the lineup, and often. Freddy Sanchez also had an RBI double, scoring Nate McLouth who decided to mess with his usual routine and actually get on base for once.

Just an all around solid game from the Buccos tonight, they really didn't look much like a team that entered the game a 9-24. Something about PNC Park must do it to them as they're 7-7 at home now. Like they say, there's no place like home... Perhaps this 9 game homestand will help us get things moving in the right direction, though it's stupid to get hopes up at this point.