Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ollie's last day in town

Today is presumably Ollie's last start in black and gold for a good while (unless this is a good one... yeah right, raise your hand if you see THAT happening), unless the weather is bad. I'm not actually in Pittsburgh at the moment so I can't really comment on that, though it seems to have stopped pouring here for now. The D'Backs are sending Juan Cruz, who has just given Russ Ortiz the boot out of the rotation, out to the mound. Assuming this one goes, I'm putting the over/under for innings pitched by Oliver today at 3.

UPDATE (2:00 PM)- This one's not happening, which kind of surprises me since Arizona may find themselves in a division race down the road and they aren't coming back to town. Jim Tracy has lost his mind, but I'll do a full post on that a little later.