Friday, May 05, 2006

A new look

Another UPDATE: OK, here's the deal. I realize that I can't keep everyone happy with everything I do, so I'm not going to try. I'm going to keep the blog this way for a while, see how it grows on me and everyone else, and then come back to it in a couple weeks and see what everyone thinks then. After all, variety is the spice of life. What I need to know at the moment is if anyone is actually having trouble seeing the type on the blog. Of course, if you are having trouble maybe you can't read this, but I'm not going into that kind of loop here. And keep scrolling down for new stuff, because it's there. This post is just getting longer and longer.

Alright, in order to address the "vanillaness" of the new template and to try and keep everyone happy, the background is goldish now and the sidebar is gray to attempt to compliment that. I know that once the content in the sidebar ends it turns white, and I'll try to fix it when I'm not so tired (though that may be a steep task). Also, the Van Slyke quote is back where it belongs, under the title. Let me know how the gold looks, it seems pretty mellow and easy to look at on my screen here, but then again my monitor at home is pretty nice and I do use Firefox, which I realize that a lot of people don't.

The one complaint I've gotten over and over again since I've started this blog is that in some cases, either with monitors, browsers, whatever, the white font on black background is too hard to read. I personally kind of liked it, but even the people who defended it seemed to be kind of indifferent. Since the complaints about the black background seem to only increase and now that I've got some free time with school out, I've finally decided to make a change in the template. Along with the template change I've also created an e-mail account for this blog only, the new address is WHYGAVS -at- GMAIL -dot- COM, simply because it's easier to sort out the e-mails from the website if they're all together and nothing else is mixed in (I'm sure some of you have noticed that I do not set any speed records when it comes to responding to e-mails).

Anyways, your feedback on the new layout is certainly welcome, so just leave it in the comments. You can tell me if there's any monstrous problems with this template that I'm missing, tell me which template you liked better (though I'm not likely to switch back unless this one causes some big problems), tell me what I should change with this one (as always, this is a fluid process that never really ends, plus I have some free time to do some tinkering now that classes are done), or whatever, just let me know. Thanks for the help guys.