Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nats 6 Pirates 0

It's taken me from the end of the game till now to even think about the abomination that is the Pirates long enough to put together a post-game post. Shut-out by Zach Day? How does that even happen? The highlight of the night was Ryan Vogelsong going three scoreless innings and seeing Freddy Sanchez in the leadoff slot, where he promptly put up an 0-for-4 night, more than enough for Small Sample Jim to do something else stupid with the lineup. He also made an incredibly play at third on a bunt by Day to turn a double play, but I'm pretty sure that will be completely forgotten about. Oliver Perez is clueless as to what pitch is going to leave his hand everytime he lets go of the ball, Tracy chose a cleanup hitter that's now BELOW THE GODDAMN MENDOZA LINE FOR CHRISSAKE, and... I don't know. I really don't know any more. If you're counting at home, we haven't scored a run in 21 innings now, since Paulino's RBI single in the top of the ninth off of Wagner on WEDNESDAY. Cy Young, Christy Matthewson, Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, and Tom Seaver could be our five man rotation and I'm not sure we'd be above .500 to this point. Argh, I'm getting angry thinking about this. I'm going to play around with the templates some more so that I can have a nice looking blog written about the shittiest baseball team I've ever laid eyes upon (that includes you, 2001 Pirates and you, 2002 Tigers).