Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mets 6 Pirates 0

Well, that was nice and blah for everyone. Glavine flat out baffled us all night long and Salomon Torres made sure that there would be no comebacks for us tonight with his "Give up 5 runs, get 0 outs" performance that was very reminiscent of the late days of Brian Blowringer's career. Between him and the offense, a very nice Paul Maholm outing was wasted. He struggled with control a little bit early on, but after working out of a bases loaded/no out jam with only one run scoring (one he walked in himself) he seemed to settle down and was OK the rest of the night, kind of looking like he did late last year when he would seemingly be working out of a jam every inning, but never seeming to give up many runs.

Anyways, it's clear that this team simply is not going to win many games without doing something with the lineup. First things first, Duffy's gotta move out of that leadoff slot. I understand wanting to give him a fair shot, but you simply can't start every game off with a .258 OBP. It's time to draw the line there. I'd also recommend getting Burnitz out of the lineup, but you know, that's just me. If he is going to be in the lineup, he can't bat behind Bay. Bay's struggling enough on his own right now, batting Burnitz behind him is actually, in all seriousness, doing more damage than batting the D-Train behind him did last year. I mean Glavine was on the mound tonight and we still batted Burnitz fifth and Craig Wilson sixth (WTF???). But dropping Duffy/McLouth down to 8 and getting Burnitz out of the lineup, or at least shifting him downwards will avoid us ever doing anything as embarassing as batting Craig sixth again. Will it fix everything? Hell no, there's nothing that's going to fix all the problems this team has. But it's somewhere to start.