Friday, May 05, 2006

Doumit and Perez

This column would seem to make a Doumit/Perez trade rather unlikely. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, I'd find it hard to believe Colborn is giving up on Perez after only a month of the season. He seems to have done a good job with the staff thus far (after about two turns in the rotation every one of our pitchers has been churning out the quality starts except Ollie and Santos). As for Doumit, this franchise simply has no room to give up on bats like he has. Still, their window to try him out in the field is closing quickly (once Casey comes back we'd be really stretching it to hope they bench Burnitz and Casey). They're trying him out at first, which is a little surprising given that he's played outfield before and CWills has actually done a surprisingly nice job with the glove at first this year. Of course, it's only surprising if you forget that they hate Craig Wilson, which I momentarily did... sorry guys.

In the same notebook as linked above, Randa's bone bruise has mysteriously changed into a stress fracture, and the disabled list may be necessary. Looks like if Freddy Sanchez keeps playing well, amputation may be the only option to save the foot. It's amazing how far this team will go to cover itself up, isn't it? I wonder what they'll invent for Burnitz when Doumit starts hitting. Oh wait, they'll probably just put Craig Wilson back on the bench.