Sunday, May 07, 2006


I see that a lots happened since 8:00 last night. First off, Bay is hopefully on his way out of his slump with his two out game winning homer in the 11th last night and his RBI double in the first tonight. Secondly, Randa went on the DL after last night's game and Bautista has been called up to take his spot on the roster. Not only has he been called up, but he's playing right field and batting leadoff today. The fact that he's playing right field is curious, as in this morning's PG Jim Tracy offers this defense of Jeromy Burnitz in today's PG:

Asked why he would use Ryan Doumit at first base rather than right field -- a position he has played previously -- and supplant Jeromy Burnitz, who was batting .198, Tracy replied: "We need Jeromy Burnitz. We need him to do offensive things, and the only way to get that is to keep sending him out there."
Sure, uh-huh. We need more Jeromy Burnitz like we need a hole in the head. That leaves today's lineup with Bautista, McLouth (3-for-6 last night), Sanchez, Bay, CWilson (playing because Doumit hurt his hammy last night, I believe... though not the same part that had him on the DL), Hernandez (Jack also hurt his hammy last night), Paulino, and Castillo. And yet, with Duke on the mound, that may be enough to beat the Nats. I have to run out for a bit but will hopefully be back to catch the end of this one.