Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bucs and Nats: Futility round 2

The Nats roll out Ramon Ortiz tonight, he of the 5.65 ERA. Then again, they could probably put me out on the mound and even though I haven't pitched in three years (and haven't pitched effectively since, oh, well, let's say Senior League) I could probably eek out a quality start against the Buccos. We start Victor Santos, who will probably pitch well enough tonight to keep his rotation spot given that it's against the Nationals and he isn't Oliver Perez. Still, 8-24 seems much closer than 9-23 does.

UPDATE (gametime): Jim Tracy has decided that starting Ryan Doumit at first will get the offense going. This would be good, but of course he's leaving his .198 hitting joke of a right fielder out there, sitting the guy that's arguably our second best regular hitter to date (CWilson), and batting Nate McLouth leadoff. Just f***ing brilliant. Seriously. I can't even describe the things this man does with our lineup without expletives.

UPDATE (7:18)- Soriano hits a two run jack in the bottom of the first, and admit it Pirate fans, we're all pretty sure this one's over. John Wehner is back to blaming Sean Casey's absence for the lack of offense. And just when I was starting to come around on ol' Rock.

UPDATE (7:26)- Doumit doubles into the gap, scoring Bay from first. The scoreless innings streak ends at 21 innings. Farewell Craig, we hardly knew ye.