Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Afternoon game

Bucs and Cubbies are the early game today and they just kicked off on WGN, which means that if I keep the sound on (I do have a final tomorrow, some studying is necessary) I can hear some out of town announcers make fun of the Pirates, which is always fun. We send Zach Duke out to the mound to try and get a split today, and his career numbers against the Cubs are something ridiculous like 3-0, 0.72 ERA.

Today's lineup is curious in that it actually features Freddy Sanchez in the three hole (just doubled in a run for a 1-0 lead before the Cubs even come to bat), Bay in the four hole, Burnitz in the five hole, and Craig Wilson in the six hole. Mark me if I'm wrong, but the goal is to string your best hitters together, not toss Jeromy Burnitz the black pit in between them and bury Craig Wilson at sixth (6th! SIXTH!). Of course, I'm not a major league manager, so whatever. I'm still sticking with the Sanchez/Wilson/Bay/Wilson top four as the best top four this team can put together, but at least this one has Sanchez in it, so I suppose it's a start.