Thursday, April 27, 2006

A wise man once told me...

Not to dwell on a 5-18 baseball team on an off-day when I have a P-Chem final tomorrow. Some suggestions on how to spend your off-day...

Get angry, go to, and join the IrateFans movement. The only way this is going to have any affect at all is if people stick with this and see it through, not start it and then quit when we win five of our next 10 games. It's going to need as many people as possible.

Laugh at what a bad idea it was for Oliver Perez to enrage Albert Pujols (via Deadspin, I mean where else would I find something like that?)

You could also go the non-baseball route today and...

Think about how freaking stupid it is that Aaron Gray entered the NBA Draft.

Fill out your mock draft sheets or whatever the hell it is that people that care about the draft fill out.

Alternatively, celebrate that Mel Kiper will be gone from your television for the next 49 weeks after Sunday.

You could also watch the first round of the NBA or NHL playoffs, but... naaaah. Save it up for the finals in July or whenever they are.

Of course you could just keep right on feeling bad for yourself and watch this nice little piece of work from Pirates55555 at YouTube