Sunday, April 30, 2006


The Tracy insanity continues in today's Post Gazette where it's suggested that he might consider moving Saloman Torres back into the starting rotation. Wait, what? Without even considering how awful Torres has been as a starter over his time here in Pittsburgh this is an awful idea. In the current big league rotation Ian Snell has been the best pitcher in the last two turns of the rotation, Zach Duke is the de facto ace, I really doubt Oliver Perez is coming out of the rotation any time soon, and Paul Maholm pitched very well in his last outing. It would be certifiably insane to put Torres in the rotation over any of them. Victor Santos isn't very good, but we knew he wasn't very good and he's only supposed to be on the team to fill a rotation spot until Gorzellany (1-2, 3.81 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 26 Ks in 26 innings at Indy) or Burnett (2-1, 4.40 ERA, a high WHIP of 1.60 at Indy) are ready to pitch in Pittsburgh. Yeah, they're both lefties. No, it shouldn't matter. If Torres goes into the rotation over either one of these two, hell if he goes into the rotation at all, the whole front office and coaching staff should be fired on the spot. This probably won't happen, as intimated by Dejan in the article, but I can't believe it's even crossing anyone's minds at this point.