Sunday, April 09, 2006

Victor Santos... stopper?

Santos takes the mound against Dave Williams today in hopes of stopping the Pirates losing streak at 6. We should score some runs against Williams as flyball pitchers aren't particularly successful in Great American. Of course, Santos should give some runs up because he's in general not very good at baseball. Craig Wilson gets the start today, but not over Burnitz. Instead, he gets the start over one of our hottest bats, Casey. Freddy Sanchez, who mauled the ball yesterday and is 5-for-10 on the season, is back on the bench just as anyone could've predicted. I won't lie, some morbid part of me would like to see the Pirates come into town at 0-7 just to see how a sell-out crowd at the opener would react to them on Monday. Anyways, this one must be underway because Chris Duffy just struck out. I'll be back with more later