Friday, April 07, 2006

Two things that have nothing to do with baseball

Two things this morning that have nothing to do with the Pirates that I really can't avoid mentioning, one dealing with general blog business and one dealing with other Pittsburgh sports (which do exist).

First off, thanks to Bill Toland of the PG for his mention of WHYGAS in his "Trip through the blogosphere" story in today's PG. And of course, welcome to all of the readers from the PG that have found their way here via Toland's story. I hope you'll click around the blog, hopefully like what you see, and maybe even come back if you've got the time.

Also, the passing of Jamie Dixon's sister and Army women's basketball coach Maggie Dixon is really one of the most tragic sports stories I've ever read. I do follow Pitt basketball somewhat closely (hey, I go to Duquesne, what choice do I really have?) and was really impressed by both the story of what she did at Army in her only year there, and how close she and her brother were. When Dixon signed his extension at Pitt last week, I kind of thought that it was at least partly due to the fact that he could stay closer to his sister. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski has a touching eulogy and the PG has a page set up to send condolences to the Dixon family.