Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The TV schedule

There's no TV for tonight's game yet again, and a quick glance at the schedule shows something ridiculous like 8 of the Pirates first 17 games won't be on FSP this year. Of course, you can catch all 82 shitty Penguins games this year, and by the end of April FSP will probably have aired more than eight CLEVELAND CAVS games. This seriously can't happen anywhere in the country besides Pittsburgh.

Anyways, we have a 1-0 lead at the moment without the benefit of a hit, scoring on a Jason Bay walk (shocking), which was followed by a Burnitz strikeout on a passed ball (moving Bay to second), and Randa hitting a ball that Jenkins failed to field, letting Bay score. Duke doesn't look good, at least as far as Gamecast is concerned, as he's got three walks and given up three hits through 3 innings (though the third was 1-2-3, he really used some smoke and mirrors through the first two). And oh yeah, Sean Casey hit into a double play in the first.