Monday, April 17, 2006

Stupid Poo-Holes

So I'm sitting in the computer lab on the chemistry floor trying to get some work done on a presentation for this week with the GameCast (of course, it would've been on GameCast if I'd been in my apartment as well, since none of the Bucs/Cards games are on FSP this week) for the Bucs and Cards open. With Taguchi on first and Pujols up, I get the line "Ball in play- run scoring play" after like 4 foul balls. I wonder to myself just how many runs were scored on that play...

Two. The correct answer was two, on what GameCast made to seem was a mammoth shot to dead center. I'm assuming it will be on SportsCenter tonight since all of his homers are. If someone could remind me why he ever sees anything over the plate ever, I'd be much obliged to you.