Saturday, April 08, 2006

Red 7 Pirates 6

Turns out there was some baseball related activity in Cincy last night after all. I sort of gave up on there being a game around 8:30 and by the time I realized they were playing, they were getting crushed and I didn't even bother pulling my radio out of my room to listen to it. That's probably a great sign given that it was April 7th when that happened. Anyways, all you need to know about it from my perspective is that Craig Wilson hit a two run pinch hit homer in the top of the 9th while down by four and Jeromy Burnitz struck out with the tying run on second and two outs. The brilliant stroke of genius to play Jose Hernandez netted us a 1-for-4 night. There's no word about Jack Wilson being hurt, so I'm going to keep right on being pissed about that. It wouldn't appear that Maholm pitched particularly well, giving up 5 hits, 5 walks, and 5 runs through six innings. The bullpen backed him up by sh!tting the bed again, this time lead by Matt Capps giving up a homer to David Freaking Ross. That's right, in two games against the Reds Tony Womack has a key 2 RBI single, Rick White has picked up a win, and David Ross has hit a homer to provide the margin of victory in a game. On the positive side, the last time we started this bad was 1974 when we started 0-6 and won the division. On the negative side, a Port Authority Bus is going to sprout wings and fly on it's own volition before we win the division this year.