Saturday, April 08, 2006

The quest continues

Ollie is on the mound today continuing our question for win #1. He gave up a three run first inning homer to Rich Aurilla, but it should've only been a two run shot if Jeromy Burnitz could play right field (he let a Ryan Freel pop-up fall in front of him for a leadoff single). Jose Castillo has kept us in things by ripping a two run opposite field shot (driving in Jason Bay, who's double very nearly cleared the fence on its own volition). Chris Duffy is back in the starting lineup, and he's struck out in a terribly ugly manner twice. Jeromy Burnitz and Humberto Cota have also added ugly strike outs to the cause. Freddy Sanchez got the start today, and ripped a liner up the middle right off of Harang for a ground out. Anyways, thats the game through 2 and a half, hopefully Perez can get stronger as the game moves along again (he had a 1-2-3 second) and we can chalk one up for the good guys.

UPDATE: Burnitz fails to throw out Ryan Freel tagging from third on a pop-out to VERY shallow right field. A decent throw would've nailed Freel by a mile. Man, I really despise Burnita, though I guess it's not really his fault, he's probably a good guy. This is square on DL for signing him. 4-2 Reds through 3.

UPDATE: Freddy Sanchez ripped a double into the gap and scored on Jose Castillo's ensuing single. That lead me to think 2 things: 1- Why is Castillo still batting 7th? and 2- Well, don't get used to that, Sanchez might not start again for 2 weeks. On the flip side of things, Perez looks just like the last year incarnation, struggling with the strike zone, giving up hits after falling behind n the count, not striking out a ton of people, and giving up homers. Griffey's up with the bases loaded as I type... I don't think I can watch.

UPDATE: Walks him on four pitches. Tracy is coming out to yank him now and bring in RV and Doumit in a double switch. A curious choice given that behind Aurilla lurks a massive left-handed power hitter and there's only one out in the inning. The phone is ringing, it's Ohandsix calling. He's wondering what time he should stop by the clubhouse. Tell him between 4:30 and 5 is just fine.

UPDATE: Not even the most cynical among us could've anticipated that. First pitch from RV is a passed ball that literally almost hit Doumit in the glove where he set up. After getting Aurilla out and walking Dunn, Vogelsong throws a curve in the dirt that Doumit makes no effort to block. So Vogie comes in and pitches well, yet still lets 2 of Perez's runs score. And as for Doumit, come on man, if I'm gonna lobby for playing for you then I gotta ask a question, a question that was asked to me about 8 years ago after a bad day behind the plate during practice. "What do catchers do? THEY CATCH THE BALL. Are you a catcher? THEN CATCH THE BALL!" Sheesh. I have some stuff to do this afternoon and I may not be able to catch the end of this one, though I have a sneaking suspicion I won't be missing much.