Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Q&A Day

Today Dejan deals with the hordes of unhappy Pirates fans after the Dave Littlefield extension and the disappointing Opening Day performance. It leads to one of the better Q&A exchanges in recent memory:

Q: Did anyone else find it sort of poetic that this poor, misguided franchise gave Dave Littlefield a contract extension on the same day Chris Shelton hit two home runs for the Tigers?

Frank Nepa of Shadyside, Pittsburgh

KOVACEVIC: Yes. A whole bunch of you, in fact. Remind me never to cross paths with any of you people in a dark alley.

There's also discussion of Tracy's not hitting for Perez and then not letting him finish the 6th inning, and lots of talk about Dejan's big Sunday preview. Towards the end there is the revelation from Tracy that Victor Santos is only in the rotation becase if he wasn't, he'd be a Kansas City Royal. I had heard Tracy say a while back something along the lines of "We aren't in the business of giving away resources," which is a fair point, but then again, I'm not positive there's more than two teams in the league that would consider Victor Santos a "resource."