Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pirates 9 Dodgers 5- The return of Thor

We saw something like this once. It was only two springs ago, actually. Jason Bay, our prize acquisition/question mark from the Brian Giles trade started the season on the DL and Lloyd McClendon told Craig Wilson he would be given the opportunity to prove he belonged in the Pirates lineup. Thor and his golden locks banged the mighty hammer all April and never looked back. This spring, Craig's been given an inch with Sean Casey's day to day rib problem, and thus far he's taken a mile. In two nights against the Dodgers, he's hit a game tying homer and two go ahead homers, all coming after in the fifth inning or later (Damaso Marte couldn't hold the lead tonight, making it necessary for Craig to hit two go-ahead homers). Anyways, it was a great game to be at, even the irritable fans in the bleachers (who booed everything that went remotely wrong) were in good sprits by the end of the game. Paul Maholm actually pitched well, he was a couple feet either way on a blooper in the third from getting out of that jam entirely (it was just out of Jack's reach but just in front of Bay's), and Marte pulled the Rick White special tonight, which is come into the game and let everyone on base score, then get the rest of the outs so your ERA isn't hurt. Anways, this marks two nights in a row that we've fallen behind early and came back swinging (literally). I mean, sure, I'd like to see us score some runs in a way other than homers, but mostly, I just like to see us score and win. Two nights in a row, the bullpen has got the job done (minus Marte tonight), two nights in a row the bats have come through, and two nights in a row the starters have kept us in the game. It may not be time to hit the panic button just yet.