Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pirates 5 Reds 3- Open the floodgates

Good news guys, the Pittsburgh Pirates officially will NOT go 0-162 this year, and are in fact only 42 wins away from avoiding the worst record of all time. Today was actually a good win for the Buccos, we got a nice start from Victor Santos with Tracy pulling the plug on his day at the right time. The bullpen also managed to get the job done today. They were far from perfect, but Torres finally had a good outing, Gonzalez got through the meat of the Reds lineup without too much damage, and Hernandez pitched a solid ninth for the save. I won't argue with the decision to bring Gonzalez in in the 8th, simply because the Griffey and Dunn portion of the lineup was coming up and I'd rather Gonzalez pitch to them than Grabow or Hernandez. The offense also came up with enough key hits to win, starting with Jack's 2 run homer, and including Duffy's RBI double and two sac flies (the first two of the season, I believe) from Castillo and Bay respectively. This is what happens when we get a decent start and a decent outing from the bullpen, we win. Hopefully this is something we can make happen more often.