Sunday, April 23, 2006


Today we attempt to avoid a sweep by sending Paul Maholm out to the mound against Roy Oswalt. Common sense dictates that we have very little chance in this game, as Oswalt is an incredibly tough righty, our best hitters are right handed, our worst hitters are left-handed, and it's Sunday and thus quite likely guys like Humberto Cota, Jose Hernandez, and Mike Edwards will find their way into the lineup (lineup check: yes on Cota, yes on Hernandez, thankfully no on Edwards, then again there's no Sanchez either so Hernandez starting is just as bad). Anyways, Maholm is going to try and get that ERA under 5 or 6, but the bats have been surprisingly quiet on both sides this series so I'm thinking some team is going to put a bunch of runs up on the board today (and if I had to guess which one, I wouldn't guess the team that's facing Roy Oswalt).

UPDATE (2:25 PM)- Pretty sure this one can go in the books already, it's 4-0 after the first and Maholm is getting hit quite hard. He's only actually responsibly for two runs (the Biggio and Engsberg homers) as Berkman reached base on a "single" that Hernadez just couldn't get to (you know, because he's got the range of a brick) and the fourth run scored when Jason Bay and his noodle arm threw a rainbow 8 feet over the head of cut-off man Jack Wilson on a play that would've meant a sure out at the plate.