Sunday, April 30, 2006

One more time

One last time I'm gonna head to the park to watch the Bucs and Phillies play. I've never actually seen a full series from start to finish and I haven't attended a non-opener day game in probably 10 years. And yet, free tickets two rows behind first base do not present themselves every day, so I'm giving the middle finger to finals for three hours to see if Oliver Perez can rejoin the rest of the staff in rediscovering his mojo (except Victor Santos, he has no discernible mojo). The key will be velocity, Tracy and Colborn be damned. As the Pujols/Perez feud last week taught us, Ollie still wants to be a power pitcher. He wants to throw heat and taunt batters, something that doesn't work with an 89 mph fastball. If his arm starts to come back, he'll be fine. He's certainly got the weather to do it, though he'll probably have a Jim Tracy Sunday lineup (read: Hernandez and/or Edwards) behind him.