Monday, April 10, 2006

Home Opener

Today is probably the best day of the year, the Home Opener. It's the one day of the year that you can be sure that you will go to PNC and the place will be buzzing with 40,000 people that actually care how the Pirates play. I am, of course, heading over to the game today (screw you Cultural Anthropology, what have you done for me lately?) and I'll be back sometime this afternoon/evening with the report on what's new at PNC (probably lots of Sesame Street All Star Logos), what the crowd was like, just how stupid the player introductions on the scoreboard are this year (they'll be pressed to top the madness of the paintings and player picture puzzles from last year), who has new at-bat music, and, (maybe) most importantly, what the Buccos looked like (specifically the Duke himself, who I didn't really get to see at all last year as the only game I saw him start resulted in a sprained ankle after 6 outs). Let's Go Bucs, keep those floodgates open.