Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hey everyone look...

It's embarass yourself on National TV Day! Mulder and Duke are... well, duking it out on ESPN this afternoon. Duke will probably toss a gem, leading to a whole bunch of "The Pirates really aren't this bad" analysis from the geniuses at BBTN. We know better.

This one's already underway with the ESPN guys telling us how Craig Wilson isn't a good replacement for Sean Casey because he doesn't have great speed and is a double play threat. Heh.

... and of course Craig does hit into that inning ending DP right as I hit publish ending our hope to actually have a lead before the other team bats, something I don't think has actually happened this year.

...Behind after 1 again (1-0). Since I miss the lineups I also notice Jose Hernandez and Joe Randa in the field (Craig is in right today). Duke is struggling with his control again. Not a promising start.

... Sweet Jesus, I just realized that Steve Phillips is in the booth today. And he's talking about Scott Spezio's stupid dyed bright red strip of hair on his chin (I don't even know what to call that thing). No way I'm making it to the end of this one with the volume on, Phillips is worse than Wehner and Blass combined, and much stupider to boot. In fact, I hope no one introduces him to McClatchy today. We're going to be looking for a GM soon and I may have to disown this team if we hire Steve Phillips.

...Welcome back Thor! Two run jack from Craig ties things up at two in the fourth while the ESPN guys marvel over what a great job he's done filling in for Casey. They've apparently been drinking the DL Kool-Aide.