Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cards 6 Pirates 3

Not much different tonight. We squeaked out four hits off of a guy we tagged for 8 runs last week, and two of our runs came off of a mighty bloop off the bat of Thor. Tonight we were killed not by Pujols, not by Edmonds, but instead by Juan Encarnacion. Here's some fun facts about Encarnacion coming into tonight: his OPS was .454, he had a grand total of 1 RBI and one XBH (a double). We promptly gave up a double, homer, and triple to him, in that order. The triple was particularly disgusting, as it came with a runner on first and Burnitz decided that an old man slide at the ball was the way to go. The result was that instead of a single and runners on first and second, Encarnacion ended up with an RBI triple and a two run lead (they added the last one later). The one bright spot was that Paulino had half our hits, though they came out of the 8-slot where they were more or less meaningless. This is getting harder and harder to stomach.