Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Brewers 7 Pirates 5

That's right ladies and gentlemen, welcome in your first 0-2 team of 2006, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Tonight saw Randa get his first hit, and infield single in the 9th, along with Burnitz's first hit as well, a pinch-hit homer in the 7th. Of course, it also saw Victor Santos do what he does, 93 pitches in 4 and 1/3 along with 3 runs and 8 hits. Vogelsong bailed him out in the fifth, but got into trouble of his own in the sixth, putting us in a 6-2 hole we couldn't dig out of. Other highlights include Casey's homer (just about the only double play proof thing he can do), 2 hits from each Wilson, Jack's second walk in 2 days, hearing Bob Uecker say "Juuuuuuuust a bit outside," and, well, that's all I got. Actually 5 runs and 10 hits is kind of encouraging after yesterday, the pitching was the problem today. But it's too early to complain about the bullpen yet, so I'll hold off on that for at least another day.