Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Brewers 3 Pirates 2

Alright, I'm probably happy that one wasn't on TV. Duke was... something tonight. It's hard to say without having seen him, but he put six guys on through 2 innings, then cruised through two perfect innings, hit a Jack Wilson error aided spot of trouble (bad throw to Casey which Lanny and Wehner made sound as if it was unscoopable, I don't know if I believe that), then cruised through another inning before coming out of the game. Like Perez, he seemed to find his groove after a couple innings, giving up only a homer to Hardy after that point. We'll at least say that it wouldn't appear that his outing tonight is anything to stress over, having not seen him pitch. I'll see him in person on Monday, so we can figure more out then I suppose. Cota started again, which I am not a fan of, as he just isn't that good at hitting baseballs. Duffy and Jack Wilson were a combined 0-for-8 at the top of the lineup. As encouraging as Jack's spring and start has been (before today), I wouldn't have him in the 2 slot. The problem, once again, was the bullpen. After a scoreless inning by Torres (that's three days in a row for those counting, he's gonna earn that money, dammit!), Marte started out the 8th with a walk, then was pulled (again, for those scoring at home that's three appearences against only three batters in three days for Damaso). Hernandez came in, created more of a jam for himself by walking another batter, still managed to get two outs, and gave up a seeing eye single to Prince "Brad Eldred" Fielder, his first hit of the year. We tried to mount a rally in the 9th, but after Craig Wilson and Ryan Doumit walked with two outs, CHRIS DUFFY SWUNG AT THE FIRST PITCH, to pop out and end the game. If Ryan freaking Doumit is drawing a walk, there's no way Chris Duffy should be doing anything but taking until he has a strike with Turnbow on the mound for his third straight game. In fact, I would've encouraged him to get hit by a pitch, it probably would've been our best chance.

Highlight of the night was the radio call by Lanny (I think, their call of the game had me so bored that him and Greg Brown may have switched halfway through, I honestly don't know) and Wehner of Bay's homer, which went something like this:

Lanny: Bay with a high fly ball to center. Clark back. And it's gone (no emotion whatsoever).
(still pausing)
Wehner: Did that hit the scoreboard? It was pretty high up there off the batter's eye.
Lanny: Yeah, I think it might've.
Jason Bay crushes a homer for his first hit of the year to tie the game up in the 6th inning and we get that.