Sunday, April 23, 2006

Astros 7 Pirates 2 and week 3 in review

Seriously, this team is pretty effing bad. Through three weeks, Monday-Sunday span has seen us at 3-4, to go along with a 1-6 and a 1-5. After starting the season off with tons of hitting and very little pitching, we've regressed to fantastic pitching and absolutely no hitting at all. Maholm's start today was the only non-quality start we've gotten all week from our rotation, and yet we went 1-5. Against Houston we mustered 4 runs in a three game series in a ballpark built for Jason Bay, Craig Wilson, and Jack Wilson to hit in. We only scored 17 runs all week, 12 of them came in one whupping of the Cards (our only win). Simply math leaves us with 5 runs in our 5 losses this week. It doesn't matter if Clemens, Carpenter, Santana, Schilling, and Buehrle take the mound for those five games, you aren't going to win many of them with one run a game (unless you're playing the Pirates of course). From what I saw today, it was just an all around sloppy game, missed cutoffs, bad defense, bad base-running, just about everything was done poorly. This is what Jim Tracy promised us wouldn't happen, these are the things that were supposed to change. They aren't changing and now we find ourselves with a winning percentage only slightly better than the Royals, who started 2-13. Seriously, I'm having a hard time thinking about this right now. I think I have some Simpsons and Family Guy on the TiVo.