Sunday, April 23, 2006

Astros 3 Pirates 0

Ugh. 2 runs in three days against Wandy Rodriguez and Taylor Buchholz? That's just ugly. We looked absolutely baffled the first time through the lineup last night, and though I didn't watch past the top of the fifth, I'd have to imagine we stayed that way since we only managed 2 hits off the guy. Since I didn't know much about him, I pulled out BP 2006 hoping to hear that he's supposed to be the next Roger Clemens. He's not. The only rally we put together ended in the ninth with Jason Bay up and watching a pitch that has been described to me as "not anywhere near the strike zone" and "exactly where the pitch before was, and that one was called a ball." This whole anemic offense thing is going to get depressing fast. The $10 million we paid to get protection in the lineup for Jason Bay has provided a doubling of his walk rate. GMs have gotten fired for less than that.