Friday, March 31, 2006

Roster notes

It's looking more and more like Nate McLouth has played himself into a roster spot this spring, and I'm incredibly happy to see that. In today's Pirate notebook, Dejan suggests that the Pirates may cut the number of relievers down to 11, which I think is a bad idea, or let Chris Duffy start the season in AAA, which I think is a good idea. Their stats this spring aren't even on the same level, in one more plate appearence McLouth has 7 more hits and almost twice as many total bases. He's struck out a whopping 15 times less than the Duffster, and has even swiped four more bases. Duffy is playing like a guy that's still hurt, while McLouth has continued his hot streak that he ended '05 with. I agree with Billy over at Romo, it will be a crime if McLouth isn't given a shot over Duffy to open this year in centerfield. There's always the possibility that trading Craig Wilson will open up that roster spot, but as usual, I hope that isn't the case.

In the same PG column Dejan mentions that Giovanni Carrera was sent to AAA camp (he elected to stay with Indy instead of exercising his right to become a free agent) which is another good move. Carrera's been awful both in the WBC and Spring Training. Him being sent packing can mean a couple things, it opens a spot for Matt Capps (I hope so), the Pirates are serious about only using 11 pitchers to open the season (I hope not), or Craig Wilson is going to be traded and that new pitcher will fill the roster spot (I really hope not) .