Thursday, March 30, 2006

A report from Bradenton

While I was gone I got an e-mail from my uncle, whom we shall call TP (because that's what we call him, duh), who was spending some time in Florida on vacation, and who happened to be vacationing with some other families from work. Anyways, one of the guys he works with happened to be the brother of Brandon Duckworth (I think, correct me if I'm wrong here, Teeps), which meant that he got to go a game at McKechnie sitting in the players' family section. He's not a huge Pirates fan (he lives around Chicago now), but he still provided me with some details:

  • My aunt (his wife) got to sit next to several of the players' wives. A direct quote, "For your generation I think that the term is HOT. Yes, very hot." Among those contributing to the hotness around my uncle were Paul Maholm's wife and Craig Wilson's wife (who is on TV once a year for the Ladies Night Out at PNC, and I can back this up, Craig Wilson's wife is very hot), who was pushing a stroller (MILF!). Inside the stroller was a "little dude that looked just like his dad."
  • It's pretty well documented at this point since the game was a couple days ago, but he also said Maholm had a great outing. He said that the next pitcher (he didn't know who) wasn't so hot. The box score would indicate that it was Ryan Vogelsong.
  • The offense looked good (7 runs, 14 hits) but 12 of those hits were singles and some more power would have been pretty useful.
  • He caught a foul ball, but some friend of the Maholms sitting with Paul Maholm's hot wife wanted the ball and as soon as he did the gentlemanly thing and gave the ball to my aunt, she gave it to the lady behind them, who turned out to be Paul Maholm's best friends' mom (she wanted the ball because Paul was on the mound).