Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I shaved the playoff beard last night (and now I do a double take every time I see my oddly naked face in the mirror), went to today's parade (which was completely insane, if you didn't watch it or weren't there, take what the reports seem to read like and multiply it by at least 1000, I have no idea how many people where there, but on Fifth Avenue the people were like 10 deep on either side, the cars with the players could barely move, I heard somewhere they estimated the crowd at 220,000 and I totally believe it), and started getting back into baseball mode. There is, however, one other small obstacle in the way at the moment, college. Specifically the classes that got completely ignored over the weekend that still have tests scheduled for this week. Still, I should have some time to get a real post up sometime tomorrow. Until then, I'd recommend the Royals/Pirates conversation between the Bucs Dugout and the Royals Review, Wilbur Miller's column at OnlyBucs on a similar subject, and Jerry Crasnick's article about who will be the surprising teams next year (hint: it won't be the Pirates in the NL, but it will be a small market team from the NL Central, though no one who watched them play last year will actually be surprised). There was also a Jason Bay chat earlier today on ESPN.com, but it's insider only. I'll try and leaf through it sometime tonight or tomorrow and if there's anything interesting (which would be kind of surprising), I'll post it on here.