Friday, August 05, 2005

Please no more Mesa (and the rest of today's Notebook)

OK, Blogger has been going insane while I've been trying to post about the Pirates Notebook in the PG today. I've already written the post up 3 times, only to have bits and pieces of it get published, so we're going with the summary.

Bringing Mesa back: BAD BAD BAD

Our record in games Vogelsong has appeared in out of the pen: 1-26, being outscored 225-63. Let's not judge him just yet, because he's really only pitched in the absolute worst situations.

What to do with the rotation, both now and when Ollie comes back: Now- Redman out, Snell in. Redman has been awful and has no trade value left, it's time for him to go. Later- Williams or Fogg out, Perez in. Kip has to stay in the rotation because he's got a much higher ceiling than Fogg or Williams. Fogg and Williams have been bad lately (even though Williams is characterized as "above average of late" in the article, he hasn't been, look at the stats). And please, let's not touch Duke.